Skylight Glazing

Skylights are structures of different size and shape primarily helping in transmitting light into the building. They either form the complete roof structure or they may fit partially into the roof to perform its intended day-lighting purpose. They are made of glass, acrylic or polycarbonate and are essentially transparent or translucent structures that allow light to pass through. Skylights might include such structures like roof windows, tubular daylighting devices, and sloped glazing roofs. The other purpose of skylights apart from day-lighting is the visual connection it provides to the entire structure from both inside and outside.

At Universal G&C, we cater to all kinds of skylight needs depending on what is optimal to the building structure. Our long-standing experience and our team’s expertise help to bring out the expected results. If the skylights you are planning are only for the exteriors, our team has the necessary competence to suggest you the options that will be best suited for the building.

Advantages of Skylights

  • They let natural light inside and hence they can save energy cost. They are essential elements for buildings to be certified Green. Many estimates point out to the fact that the energy saving can be up to one-third of the total energy cost.
  • Many studies also point to a different fact that people who spend more time under a skylight structure are exposed to natural light. This has a very positive psychological impact on them.