Aluminium Windows

Your home will be a pillar of security when a set of aluminium windows have been fitted as the material has a toughness to it that very few alternative materials can match.

Because it can be moulded to create slender sightlines, it also means that a huge expanse of glass can be inserted into the frames, and more glass means more sunlight and warmth. We can also finish your windows in a number of powder-coated and timber-style colours and effects.

Due to the strength of the aluminium frames, this window range is incredibly weather-resistant. The slim frames and large expanse of glass add a welcome modern feel to properties and they are perfect for homeowners who dislike bulkier window styles.

Most people would appreciate more natural light in their home and our slender aluminium windows welcome plenty of sunlight inside, creating a bright and inviting space.

Giving you an exceptional view…

You will be surprised to see how slender the aluminium window profile is as it can be moulded into the sleekest of sightlines. This means the focus is on the high proportion of glass.

Having more glass incorporated into the frame will also help you draw more sunlight into the property and the RAL powder-coated colour is certain to catch the eye.