Shop Glazing

Glass shop front windows are among the essential elements in determining the quality, character, and perception of a commercial retail shop. At JMatrix’s Glass, we reinforce the importance of using the right glass on a shopfront to ensure that your glass shopfront display is well-designed. We provide our customers with high-quality window designs for their business. But what should you look for when you want to purchase the right glass shopfront window for your commercial shop? We are going to look at the five most common types of glass that you can choose for your shop.

Transparent Glass

Transparent glass is a classic option that allows your customers to see the items in your store. This option is mostly in use by beauty salons, clothing boutiques, and small-sized offices. To get the right transparent commercial glass, call JMatrix’s Glass for advice.

Stained Commercial Glass

If you want to stand out from your nearby retail stores, commercial stained glass can do the trick. Although churches use this type of glass, nightlife venues and restaurants can attract more customers with it. There are different colours and patterns to choose from in stained glass. Call JMatrix’s Glass today to inquire about the option that fits your store.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is an excellent option if your business needs sunlight. Additionally, it is an attractive alternative if you require privacy. This type of commercial glass has a cloudy aspect to it that lets diffused light to get through without exhibiting the contents of the store. Doctor’s offices and spas use this type of glass as their shop front windows.

Glass With a Tint

Tinted glass is best for a store located in an area that has no shade. A film is often used by manufacturers to make commercial-tinted glass look darker and hard to see through. The stained glass operates like a pair of sunglasses. This type of glass comes in handy if you want to reduce the amount of sunlight or heat that gets into a building. Tinted glass also has an added advantage of privacy and security.

Safety Glass

Safety glass is ideal if you are concerned about robberies. This type of commercial glass can withstand force. In case the glass fragments, the laminate or film will keep the glass together to prevent any additional damage. Since there are different types of safety glasses, JMatrix’s Glass can help you identify the ideal one for your shop.

If you plan to draw customers using a festive storefront or protect the privacy of your business, choose Jmatrix’s Glass for the installation of the type of glass you desire. Jmatrix’s Glass has an excellent reputation across India for providing reliable glass installations. Apart from the installation of commercial glass, the company also installs commercial mirrors, customer over-head doors, and garage doors.