Aluminium Doors

Why you should install Aluminium Doors

  • Aluminium doors are extremely weather resistant – making them ideal for a coastal environment. JMatrix ensures that extreme weather conditions are never a problem.
  • While we don’t offer the cheapest Aluminium door products, we do offer the best quality Aluminium door products on the market.
  • When comparing equivalent quality of both products, Aluminium is much cheaper than timber (wood) and also offers great value for money. When you think about the long run, aluminium doors are a great investment.
  • The hard Aluminium surface and the coating finishes are resistant to dents or damage. The tough structure and construction the doors offer ensures increased security.
  • Our JMatrix Aluminium systems were developed in house and are exclusive to Metal Windows.
  • JMatrix aluminium systems include multiple different profiles, giving you a wide variety of design options, widths, colours and finishes. Full sized samples of the JMatrix F16, F8 and F10 Aluminium systems can be viewed in our Woodstock, showroom
  • Every JMatrix Aluminium door is custom designed and made for a specific opening, taking into account site specific requirements. There is nothing standard about our products.
  • Aluminium is very low maintenance once installed it doesn’t require re finishing like wood, just wipe down your Aluminium doors with a damp cloth for easy cleaning.
  • Aluminium doors do not rust or discolour and do not require varnish or recoating which makes it easy and cheap to maintain.
  • Aluminium’s clean lines are aesthetically pleasing and look better – When it comes to home design, aluminium is the perfect material of contemporary architecture.
  • JMatrix now offers an exciting “steel look” slimline Aluminium profile, originally developed for coworking space, it combines the slim profile of steel with the low maintenance smooth operation of Aluminium.