Perforated Cladding

We offer a range of pre perforated sheets in steel, stainless steel or aluminium. These have a consistant perforation and are fairly commercial. Where the perforations need to be fitted to the panel or there is a variance a custom pattern is created. This is fabricated in 3 main ways:

1) Punched This is for circular holes. The punch can hold up to 20 differnt tools simultaniously. Our extensive library holds over 3,000 different tools for perforations, dimples, embossing and cutting. The punch is faster than many CNC processes. The use of gang punch tools can allow for as many as 6 holes to be punched simultaniously. Dependant on the "free air flow" of the design and thickness of the material there can be deflection in the sheet (thin material, lots removed). We can roll sheets flat however this is a consideration.

2) Water jet cutting We can water jet cut at up to 4 meters by 2 meters. This is capable of cutting though 250mm mild steel and 150mm stainless steel. At the cutting edge the accuracy is +/- 0.1mm. The seamless intergration with CAD software allows architects designs to be directly transposed to the sheet. Complete form freedom is possible with an internal diameter of only 2mm. Due to the lack of heat this is ideal for anodised aluminium as it does not damage the structure of the open cell aluminium. Also with Corten the rust "patina" is not effected by the cut border like laser cutting machines. Cement particle board is good as intricate detailing can be achieved without the danger of the sheet cracking or crumbling.

3) CNC routing We have a number of machines that cut up to 2 meter by 3 meters. CNC Routing is ideal for aluminium composite material (ACM), Corian, Hi-Macs or Polycarbonate. We cannot route steel as it it too hard for the diamond plated carbide drill bits. 3mm diameter drill bit.